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Our vision

There is an ever-increasing global requirement for fish meal and fish oil.

This is due to the demand from livestock rearing but increasingly the result of a burgeoning global aquaculture industry.

The industry currently relies heavily on fish meal from capture fisheries.  This is deemed to be unsustainable.

We want to see a fundamental shift towards the culture and use of animals lower in the food chain by:


'farming down the food web'

Sustainable Aquaculture

The aquaculture industry is the fastest growing food production sector in the world. It accounts for in excess of 50% of total global fish production.


Globally innovative aquaculture systems are being designed, new species are being cultured and the focus is on identifying more sustainable, traceable, bio-secure feeds.  This includes the use of insects, algae and bacteria. 


We want to see an increase in aquaculture which is able to produce truly sustainable, digestible protein and polyunsaturated fat (i.e. omega-3 fatty acids).


It is our belief that the culture of marine polychaetes (i.e. ragworms and lugworms) can contribute globally to this protein and lipid deficit while limiting environmental damage.

The production of polychaetes currently requires large scale systems but opportunities for vertical production and the use of artificial substratums are not far away.


We are innovators.  We also fundamentally believe in creating, identifying and selling sustainable feeds.

Globally we want to see a more  sustainable aquaculture industry..

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