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About us

We specialise in the sustainable culture and sales of marine polychaetes (ragworms and lugworms).


We have more than 20 years' experience in the culture of marine invertebrates and more than 18 years' specialist knowledge in the breeding and culture of temperate and tropical polychaetes.


We have been advising on and selling cultured marine polychaetes for more than 18 years.

Is it our belief and that the culture of marine polychaetes can make a contribution to the global production of marine protein (and fat).

Dr Stephen Craig

Stephen Craig was educated at the University of Aberdeen where he obtained a PhD in Marine Science, a MSc in Chemisty and a BSc (Honours) in Zoology (Marine and Fisheries Biology).  His PhD investigated developmental plasticity in Loliginid (Loligo spp.) squid and included disciplines of marine ecology, biochemistry, chemistry and aquaculture  (including the rearing of cephalopods).


Dr Craig worked at Seabait Ltd and Shoreline Polychaetes Farms LLP in the Northern England for 12 years where he specialised in the breeding, culture and sales of marine polychaetes.  He was instrumental in designing innovative culture systems (i.e. stacked systems with artificial substratums) and development of a number of innovative angling products including LugPotion™ and RagPotion™ as well as the Greedy Bait® range.


During his tenure he had roles as Director (Operations, Innovation, R&D, global sales and logisitics) as well as acting as supervisor to numerous PhD and MSc students at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.  Over the last two decades he has presented papers across the globe on the breeding and culture of polychaetes. 

Dr Craig worked at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne as a guest lecturer from 2003 to  2014.  He started his own sustainable feeds and consultancy business (Shore Aqua Consulting) in 2011 and formed Sustainable Feeds Ltd (SFL) in 2014.

Dr Craig has patented three inventions.

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